The Story

Everything started in 2015 over a glass of wine with long time friend and chef Jennifer Jasinski. While aprons had been around forever, the style was about to change, and Jasinski wanted an apron that fit her needs and style of her first restaurant, Rioja. With a list of do’s and don’ts the first apron was created, the first order for 30 aprons was placed and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Union Stitch & Design is an independent sewing company based out of Denver, Colorado. Designer, Melissa Roth creates custom textiles for both commercial businesses and anyone cooking at home. She specializes in and focuses on aprons to be used by chefs, bartenders and service staff.  In addition to truly hand-crafted products, Union Stitch & Design creates and provides value in the form of flexibility and a willingness to execute clients’ differing visions through 100% customization. Melissa has developed two decade’s worth of contacts through her first-hand involvement in the service industry. Her close interaction with some of Colorado’s most talented chefs and mixologists has created a truly inspired and polished skill set, both technically and creatively. Everything is handmade in Denver.

Since 2015, Union Stitch & Design has asserted its prominence and identity as an honest, long-lasting, and genuine entity that entices intrigue and assures satisfaction.  In addition to her loyal clientele, Denver’s most prosperous and progressive industry professionals wear her aprons.